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Do you Want to:
  • Take control of those stubborn trouble areas
  • Improve your body shape
  • Reduce stress and Increase your energy and vitality 
  • Wear your clothes with confidence
  • Build sculpted toned arms and burn fat while watching TV and sleeping?
  • Increase your strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Receive a Nutrition Plan designed to kick start your weight loss
Do you Need:
  • Accountability, Focus and Motivation
  • The Help and Support of people who are in the same boat as you
  • A Trainer who will not judge you or yell at you and is supportive and realistic
If you answered YES to any of the above questions,  I am here to HELP you!

Hi, my name is Charles and I am the founder of Red Frog Fitness. 

I know I can help you get started to uncover the body, fitness and strength you want and the health you need.


Simple, I was in the same position myself.  I found a SOLUTION! A really, good one at that. I would like to share with you exactly why I created Red Frog Fitness and exactly how I believe this system is going to help you to, just how it has helped hundreds of people across Brisbane, as you will see in a moment.

After working many years in corporate world, I was tired, unfit and suffered a major back injury requiring surgery.  Something had to change...

After extensive research and consultation I formulated an exercise and diet program to build strength and body resilience from the core out.  Research shows the foundations of body strength must be built from the core for long term body transformation, improving metabolism and activating muscle strength for weight loss.  This formula transformed my body so that I could not only have the strength for exercising, but also in day to day life. Physical strength and resilience in your daily activity - not just during exercise - transforms your entire life... as it did mine. 

We are all living longer and we all need to develop resilience in our bodies...getting stronger not older.  I can help you do that.

With that being said. This now puts me in a pretty cool position to be able to do something very special for YOU! Let me share with YOU a Kick Start of the program I used (and continue to use) to transform my body and gain the core strength and functionality that I need and want.
Introducing the 4 Week Kick Start Program!
4 Weeks Outdoor Group Fitness
We keep our group sizes small so we can focus on people who are getting back into fitness or have any health issues etc. It also ensures each person can me monitored for good form in each exercise to prevent injury.

Each session can be tailored to accommodate everyone's current level of fitness as well as pushing each person to their limits to ensure progress. 

It is a great group and we encourage a community feel, not a competitive one, and people really respond positively to the environment.

Schedule of Training Sessions
A weekly fitness program published in advance so you know exactly which sessions are coming up to help you prepare and target you favourite workouts

The training sessions are held outside Suncorp Stadium, up the Milton Rd end of the Stadium. We meet outside Gate A each morning and the sessions are held in that vicinity. If you park on Castlemaine St and walk up the set of steps, Gate A is just there. 

15 Second Motivation Trick
We will let you in on a secret our clients use to keep them motivated and coming back to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Normally $240 - TODAY ONLY $67
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